Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's Investigate

Who's ruining the U. S.? It doesn't take a congressional investigative committee to figure that one out. It is mostly liberal Democrat lawyers, politicians, and judges. There are complicit Republicans who bowed to the pressure, but for many many years, the government work force has been watered down by the insane press for diversity, equality, and a don't ask/don't tell attitude in hiring and promotion.

Should there be a black in this or that position? The correct answer is sure, if they are the best qualified for the job and competed on an equal basis for it. Should there be a woman president? Should there be a Latina supreme court justice? The questions are absurd. If any one of the named protected classes are the best qualified for the job and competed on an equal basis for it, then most right thinking Americans would answer with a resounding yes.

That hasn't been how the scenario played out. All questions designed to ferret out critical information essential to making sure the most qualified person gets the job were prohibited in job interview situations. Law suits and legal rulings prevented hiring panels from asking personal questions designed to get beyond the fluff of a resume. Upper level government management received bonuses at the end of the year for filling quotas in hiring and promoting of protected classes. To many it didn't matter if the candidates were qualified as long as they fit the list from which they could pick for some extra money. Now a president can occupy the highest office in the land while hiding his entire background from the U. S. voters. He can appoint large cadres of Czars who do not have to be cleared by our legislators before going to work. That's how you get pin heads like Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder.

Who's responsible for the massacre at Fort Hood? The very people who claim to be investigating it are responsible. We are fighting a war with Islam. Muslims everywhere are active participants in the world wide jihad. They all have different roles. Some are terrorists and warriors, while others are silent partners. Make no mistake. They all have the same goal. The destruction of all who don't believe as they do. None should be allowed to come to, or stay in this country. None should be allowed to participate in any role related to the military, or any other job that involves security or access to government documents.

We can't afford one more government program. All government spending bills should be taken off the table until we regain control of our debt. All TARP monies and stimulus money not already spent should be recalled and added back to the U. S. Treasury. All funds that go to support illegal aliens should be withdrawn and all illegal aliens in this country should be deported. They should no longer be referred to as immigrants. Immigrants are those who go through legal channels to gain entry into the United States. The others are illegal aliens.

All enemy combatants currently housed at Guantanamo should stay there and be tried by military tribunals. No money should be spent to move, house, or try these terrorists in a civilian court on the mainland. Our pinheaded Attorney General should be run out of office for inability to handle the job. Our president should immediately resign his position for the same reason. This whole election process and subsequent nightmare is an embarrassment to the voters in the country. I know there wasn't a clear cut choice, but I feel many wish they had not voted as they did. Had they known what a Bozo Obama would turn out to be they would have voted differently.

If this administration is not going to support our troops, we need to get them all back here until we can fill the position of Commander in Chief with someone who is qualified and motivated to do the job. The circus is not fun and should be shut down immediately. If any legislator (Republican, Democrat, or Independent) does not do his dead level best to stop this run away train they should be recalled.

We don't need anymore blame shifting investigations to tell us what we already know. Our leadership let us down and a terrorist was pushed through the ranks until he found an opportune time to fulfill his holy Muslim mission of killing as many infidels as possible. Get rid of all of them now.