Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've Been Thinking

I was just sitting out in the jungle the other day after an invigorating romp in the treetops thinking that perhaps we have over evolved. Somewhere along the line we passed the pinnacle of common sense and critical thinking and now we are headed into the nether land of open minded nothingness.

Programs, speeches, books, and lectures are now unnecessarily long because of all the dalliance we have to do in trying to include all the buzz words, and trying not to offend anyone in the every increasing list of protected classes. Every statement must be proceeded by phrases like, "I realize there are exceptions". If you didn't, even though every one should know there are exceptions, some watchdog of politically correct speechifying would challenge your very right to be on the planet.

Are we not able to recognize each others differences? Apparently not. Our federal government has come up with a check list of various classifications on all its forms to make sure we can place ourselves in the proper pigeon hole. I have studied the list and am tempted to check "other" at the bottom, but the small line they give you to explain your non-classification is so small I can't get it all in. Some classifications are on skin color, some on sir name and linguistics, some on historic continental origin, some on facial features, and other. If you happen to be a combination you can choose which group you want to be in. Some of the classes have been determined by the courts to need special help so they are given preferential treatment to make things fair. So, if you are a mixture it pays to choose the group receiving the most benefits. Now we've added certain aberrant sexual choices to the mix and granted these folks additional protection under the law in addition to whatever pigeon hole they were already in.

How did we do it in the old days? How did people decide who they were comfortable with? As I remember we hung with people who were in the same socio-economic strata as we were for one. We felt comfortable with one group above us, and one group below us. Strictly on a socio-economic scale we felt uncomfortable going outside these parameters. Further we tended to group together based on cultural and moral practices. People who worked hard for a living and taught their kids the value of hard work, responsibility, and self reliance tended to group with others who did the same. Within these groups, cultural and racial groups might further form communities based on their cultural practices, but they felt comfortable mingling with those of different faiths, ethnicities, and physical differences in the larger pool who shared many of the same goals for social behavior.

These diverse but related groups might not spend a lot of time mixing, but they respected and felt comfortable living in close proximity to each other. Think about it. How much time do we spend mixing outside the parameters previously mentioned today? I can tell you. Very little. Some people force and contrive situations to make it appear as though we do, but in reality we don't. Every time the federal government tries to artificially balance the scale they end up creating imbalance and resentment. The result is a further separation of the groups they are trying to bring together. It is unfair to those, who by hard work and proven responsibility, have moved themselves into a position to be recognized as sharing universal values of acceptable behavior to be lumped by some artificial classification with those who don't work, and whose behavior is outside legal and acceptable social standards.

Hard working, right acting people everywhere distance themselves from those who aren't willing to contribute. It is not their language, skin color, or continental origin that makes some unacceptable.

We must be able to speak in plain language when talking about the enemies of our great nation. Religions, like Islam, who have as a basic tenet of their religion the annihilation of all who don't believe as they do must be banned from our nation.

We must call terrorists by their real names and not some euphemism.

We must apply the rules of war to captured terrorists and not the rules granted to citizens of our country when they have their day in court.

We must realize that aberrant sexual behavior does not deserve protection under the law. These people already have protection under the law because they are citizens of this nation. No citizen deserves any special consideration not afforded all citizens. That's why hate crime legislation is so unnecessary. I predicted, and it has been realized, that other aberrant sexual deviants would seek the same protections. Pedophiles now have been added to the list. Why? Because homosexuals are very active in trying to gain a following. If they have children in the home you can be assured these children are being taught the same aberrant behavior. Aberrant sexual behavior is a learned response. Because of our fear of offending some groups we have taken it out of the psychological diagnostic manuals as a psychological problem. That doesn't mean it's not one. We register some sex offenders including pedophiles, and then give them special protection under the law. How stupid is that? Believe me when I tell you others with more disgusting sexual practices will be added to the list if we continue on this path of ignoring what we know to be right and wrong. In case you are asking yourself, I do believe there are clear and binding rules for human behavior.

It is time to stand and be counted. I believe there are more of us than there are of them. We must push back and push back hard at every opportunity to do so. We must support the media sources who tell the truth and ignore those who don't.

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.
Chinese Proverb