Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going to the Doctor

I went to the doctors office yesterday. Now, many of you would say, "So what?" Well, I don't go very often is what. My family sometimes begs me to go when my symptoms refuse to respond to whatever over-the-counter remedy I've chosen for the purpose. I know too that eventually the symptoms will abate, or the ambulance will come for me. My grandfather on my mother's side went to the doctor when he got his physical exam for military service during WWI. As far as I know he never went again. I asked him once while we were driving to a favorite fishing spot, "Pawpaw, why don't you ever go to the doctor?" We happened to be passing a cemetery at the time and he pointed to the grave markers and said, "You see all those folks out there? They went to doctors". I guess it influenced me more than I thought. My coughing of late has been irritating enough for my girls to start bringing me remedies, and suggesting a doctor's visit. On Friday they contacted a friend who is an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist and actually set an appointment for me. I just started a new saline nasal rinse therapy on my own, and wouldn't you know it the symptoms were abating. My appointment was at noon yesterday. I was symptom, and cough, free for two days. I went anyway because they went to so much trouble. Now comes the part I hate, actually parking and walking into the office. There are sick people inside. I walk to the receptionist's window and say, "Dennis Price to see Dr. House". She turns to one of the other twelve scrub clad workers and says, "William Price to see Dr. House". Without pause she turns and asks, "What insurance do you carry?" I look around the waiting room to size up the wheezing crowd. I deduce I may be the only patient not fully covered by Medicaid. I produce my card and am given a sheaf of documents to fill out and return. I am informed I will get my card back when I successfully return the completed forms. I finish the ritual and return the completed tome to the receptionist who returns my card. Soon a young nurse comes to the door everyone is watching and calls my name. I am taken to the exam room and asked by the nurse the purpose of my visit. I am completely symptom free so I guess she can't tell by looking. She records my response and tells me the doctor will see me shortly as she closes the door. I find some sterile wipes and wipe down all the equipment in the exam room I feel might be used to examine me. Soon a young man about the age of my kids opens the door and introduces himself as Dr. House. I see his white coat and stethoscope so I'm relieved.

He says, "We've locked the doors to the outside because your daughters said you have been know to try and escape before being examined." I smiled. He was very nice and actually listened until I finished giving him my respiratory history. He instructed his nurse to get me some samples. She came back with an armload of plastic bags filled with colorful boxes. He told me whatever I was doing seemed to be working so to keep it up. Then he gave me the dosing instructions for the several pills and sprays his nurse had brought. The pharma companies put five pills in a huge box so you'll think you are really getting more when spending your life savings on their product. It was cumbersome to carry it all back to the car. I was appreciative of the samples and the young doctor's bedside manner. Before I got out of the parking lot my daughters were calling to see if I actually went through with it. I am now scheduling my day around the dosing protocol of my new meds.

What's another word for Thesaurus? - Steven Wright