Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Dia de gracias. However you say it, take time to pray it. I hope you stop today and say a pray of thanks for all your blessings. It only takes one day without some of the things God has given us to remind us of how blessed we really are. The poorest of us here are better off than most in this old world, and we need to thank God for the blessing of living in the greatest country on Earth. God shows himself in his creation to even the most primitive and we should think of the Creator when we see it too.


There was a man upon life’s road
who rarely wavered from his task,
walked with purposed step and true,
until a pebble found his shoe.

And once inside, the pebble wore
upon his foot till stop he must.
While kneeling down to get the stone
he saw a world he’d never known.

On his left he saw the sea,
breathed salt air, felt the breeze,
heard the crash of waves on sand,
felt a presence, not of man.

On his right huge mountains rose
rugged peaks, towering trees.
A pristine lake, reflections bore
that magnified God’s bounteous store.

He took the pebble from his shoe,
once more started on his way.
But, stopped and looked from time to time
as God’s small pebble came to mind.

Dennis Price

Happy Thanksgiving Day from my house to yours.