Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Country Church

Ah, it's Sunday again. I was reminded by Willow, of the churches I attended when I was a kid. Most were Baptist of some variety, one a Plymouth Brethren, and one an Independent non-denominational church. The ones I attended with my grandparents were Missionary Baptist Churches. Old Liberty Church was at Seminary, Mississippi. We had family reunions there some years, and there was always an abundance of good gospel singing. My mother's grandfather was a Baptist Preacher. I have always liked Southern Gospel done in quartet style. The following poem was written to highlight some of the images I recall.

Gospel Singing Memories

Stamps Baxter song books,
covers threadbare,
hang in racks,
on the backs
of old wooden pews.

Liberty Church.
Fifth Sunday singing.
A big crowd is gathered
to meet and to eat.

Aunt Modena pounds lively
an old upright grand.
A family quartet
sings close harmony.

Everyone singing
sends melodies wafting
through windows and doorways
to sprawling oak trees.

Songs of the gospel.
A pleasing aroma.
“Precious Memories”.

Have a great Sunday. Remember God made this day for you. Rest.