Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back to Blogging

This is a live post today. My eight days of electronic sensory deprivation has ended. Thanks to all of you who came by and left comments. I was up last night for a little while taking a look at all you had to say. I did journal while I was in Akumal, so I will have some comment on the area and happenings there in coming posts, but today, I just thought I would try and re-acquaint my self with the rudimentary skills of blogging like the proper alignment of your fingers on the keyboard. The photo above is Akumal bay and it is what I saw every morning last week as I drank my coffee and wondered what all the poor people were doing. I know this morning. After spending twelve dollars for two cups of ice cream, and twenty four dollars for two hamburger combos in the Cancun airport, I am without funds - Mexican or American. I guess I will take on some part-time work over the next month and try to recover. I did not take any kind of electronic equipment with me other than a cell phone (I did not turn it on until I got back to the Houston airport). I neither listened to or heard any news reports, nor did I read any newspapers. I read six novels and otherwise watched the world go by at a very slow pace. Even for me that took some will power. There was high speed internet available in our casita, and many people came with their laptops wrapped in beach towels. I was not going to be one of them at least for one week. No ear buds for me. Now, I am slowly getting plugged back in. I will be visiting your sites through the day to see what I missed, but it was nice to regress.