Saturday, April 19, 2008

Movie and a Meal

Last evening Barb and I set out to the Dollar Theater here in town to see Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in "The Bucket List". I had been wanting to see these two in action together. I enjoyed both actors in other roles, and I thought the combination would be good. We arrived for the 5:30 P.M. showing and took advantage of all the discounts available. Our total for our two tickets was three bucks. I consider it three dollars well spent. This bitter/sweet comedy was worth the trip. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Barb brought the Kleenex and we both used a couple at the end. Since we spent so frugally on the tickets, I thought I could do better than burgers for the evening meal. We went to La Playa restaurant and enjoyed Grilled Shrimp wrapped in bacon with a slice of Jalapeno pepper inside and Enchaladas verdes. We always get the to-go box these days. It will probably be another decade before we find a movie I consider worthy of spending three dollars on, but the DVD rental store still has some of my old favorites. I will save my pennies for a good meal in the meantime. I know how to cook and so does my wife, so the restaurant has to be above average before I'll go. I have a hard time enjoying a meal knowing I'll be adding an additional twenty five percent to the price of the food for tax and gratuity. I also don't like the idea of a "gratuity" being expected. It then becomes just an additional charge and has nothing to do with being thankful for the good service provided. If you are lucky and happen to actually get good service, then it is not as much of a problem. All in all a great evening out. Have a great weekend.