Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeling Flabergasted

I have done everything I could to keep from posting today. I wanted to wake up and look out my window at a beautiful scene like the one in the photo. I wanted all my negative thoughts to be gone. It is Sunday after all and I wanted to be ready to go and rejoice. But, reality is what it is, and I knew I had to manufacture a feeling. I read comments from last night on recent posts, I looked at my Google home page for new photos and quotes to inspire me, I fixed a good pot of hot coffee and poured myself a cup. I read portions of the Sunday paper, and I generally went through all of my Sunday morning routine. I showered, shaved, splashed on some cologne, and got dressed, but still I was out of sorts mentally. I went to church and sat through the early morning sermon drawing pictures on the sermon outline sheet. I squirmed and fidgeted and did my best to portray a good Sunday image. But despite all my efforts, I am still in a bit of a pickle. So it goes some days. Being up is not always an option and no amount of positive thinking is going to change my thoughts. Now, at some point in the day, I will probably read something to cause me to consider just how petty and selfish I'm being. When that happens, I'm sure I will summon the will to move in an upward direction. Perhaps it will be something you say or write. It might be a pleasant memory brought on by someone Else's photograph. Or it could be that still small voice I hear many times when I quit whining. I know at this point it will be an improvement regardless of the source.

Careful. We don't want to learn from this. - Bill Watterson