Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I awoke this morning to a gentle rumbling, the sound of muffled thunder. I thought it might have been the steak I ate last night, but as I drifted into conciousness, I knew it was thunder. I arose in the darkness and went outside. The moon was a blurred suggestion. East, out over the Gulf of Mexico, I saw flashes of light behind the dark moving clouds. The air was heavy. The rumbling continued, but softer now. Nothing says stay in bed like morning thunder. I stood and watched for a while. I imagined it was God talking. Sometimes a still small voice - sometimes a thunder crash. We could use some sweet water here in the valley, but everything was drifting south.

My wife said the bluebonnets I posted previously were pretty, but a little puny. I found a more representative sample of what we look forward to so you might see the difference. The hibiscus photo in the upper left hand corner was taken yesterday in my front yard. I'm reminded of how blessed we are no matter where we live in this great country. So many of you chronicle the beauty daily. I have shelter, food, and family nearby. My life is easy and I live in peace. I thank God this morning for his grace, mercy, and bounty. We have to diet in this country because we have too much to eat. Not so in many neighboring countries. Let's just be quiet today and think of all our many blessings. Pray for those who are less fortunate.


There was a man upon life’s road
who rarely wavered from his task,
walked with purposed step and true,
until a pebble found his shoe.

And once inside, the pebble wore
upon his foot till stop he must.
While kneeling down to get the stone
he saw a world he’d never known.

On his left he saw the sea,
breathed salt air, felt the breeze,
heard the crash of waves on sand,
felt a presence, not of man.

On his right huge mountains rose
rugged peaks, towering trees.
A pristine lake, reflections bore
that magnified God’s bounteous store.

He took the pebble from his shoe,
once more started on his way.
But, stopped and looked from time to time
as God’s small pebble came to mind.

The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things. -
Jilly Cooper