Saturday, February 23, 2008


Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. - John Benfield

I am awaiting the smell and taste of my first cup of Leroy Hill coffee. A mellow brew to awaken the muse. My inbox is full of political stuff at this time of year, and I have worn out the delete button. I will participate in the process when voting time comes, but I believe we have reached the point in our democracy when a large segment of the population has deduced that the way to achieve the American Dream is to dip into the National Treasury. I have written my representatives to remind them the U. S. Constitution only allows them to legislate matters related to; taxation, manufacture of currency, interstate commerce, and national security. So far none can answer my questions concerning their legal authority to legislate in almost every area of our existence. I keep getting long circuitous epistles full of cliched politicalese, but no substance. Both parties believe if you say it you've done it. Substance and character matter even if toes are stepped on in the process. We need a leader and not a social icon. Coffee's ready - excuse me for just a minute. Aaaah, that's better. Let's talk Haiku.

Loosely defined as a poetry form with three lines, seventeen syllables (traditionally in 5-7-5 distribution), no rhyme scheme, and subject matter imagery or nature.

Mown wild onion plants
move me to cook a pot roast
smells urge the action

Bright crystal ice forms
Mountain stream gurgles downward
through leafless sentries

Fingernail moon hangs
on a horizon backdrop
aquamarine sky

Try writing a few. You may like it. If you are interested in writing of any kind, check out the link entitled, "Byline Magazine" in my favorites section. They have great contests, and a fine magazine.