Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not Forgotten

Life is a long lesson in humility. - James M. Barrie

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Hibiscus, or rosemallow, is a large genus of about 200–220 species of flowering plants in the family Malvaceae (the mallow family, along with members like cocoa, cotton, okra, baobab and durian) native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. The genus includes both annual and perennial herbaceous plants, and woody shrubs and small trees.

I present this beautiful Hibiscus to those of you who have yet to see Spring 2008. It comes early here in the Valley. The picture was taken yesterday. My wife bought the plant about six months ago in the bargain isle at Home Depot.

We had a guest speaker in Church today. A Christian physician who reminded us that God has not forgotten us. He led with the story of a Union soldier freed from a Confederate prison camp at the end of the Civil war. The soldier, a Sergeant from western Pennsylvania, was very weak from his incarceration. Another soldier accompanied him back to his home. But when they arrived, the Sergeant was too weak to tell the other soldier exactly where he lived. The two were in the Cavalry, and wore yellow scarfs around their necks. As they neared the place where the Sergeant lived, there were yellow scarfs tied on trees to mark the turns and forks in the road leading to his home. He was not forgotten by his family.

Peter was not forgotten by Jesus in spite of his denial. The crowing of the rooster signaled the dawn, or beginning of a new era in Peter's ministry, not the end. So we are reminded God has not forgotten us. Beauty in nature always reminds me of God's presence. I wrote a song in 1976 based loosley on Psalms 104 and later trimmed it up for a poetry contest. It is a reminder that God is always with us.

Reflections on Psalm 104

In the morning when I rise,
I watch the sunrise lift dark skies,
and usher in a songbird’s song,
another day to Him belongs.
In this scene I plainly see
The Universal majesty of God.

Through the day He walks with me,
lights my path that I may see.
I’m assured that He will be,
by my side eternally.
I always know that He is there.
I can see Him everywhere I go.

Then falls the curtain of the night.
Still my God displays his might.
Earth’s canopy the stars do light,
assuring me with signs so bright.
God is still upon his throne
and cares for me because I am his own.

He raised the mountains up.
He pushed the valleys down.
In Splendors of creation
His handiwork abounds.
His Chariots are the clouds.
He walks on the wings of the wind.
All the wonders of our universe
a reminder to all men.


Could aught but God make spring?
Purples, greens, whites, reds.
Tuned songbirds’ voices sing.
Could aught but God make spring?
New life to winter’s dying bring,
as unto us though we were dead?
Could aught but God make spring?
Purples, greens, whites, reds.