Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was watching a portion of the Bill O'Reilly Show on Fox News last night while waiting for the next episode in the C.S.I. trilogy. Bill and some News Babe were discussing remarks made by Pat Robertson concerning Muslims. Pat basically stated that Islam was not a legitimate religion as we understand religion, but a world political ideology set on taking over and ruling the world. Bill and associate thought Pat's position extreme and his comments not good for our current situation. Bill went on to comment about good Muslims. In case you don't know me by now, I don't blindly follow anyone on Fox News or anywhere for that matter. I can only take these news types in very small doses. I get my information from a number of trusted sources, and I process the information through my life hardened thought processor.
I happened to agree with Pat Robertson's assessment on this occasion. There is something telling about the photo above that troubles me. Let me break down my reasoning for you.

All over the world followers of Islam are killing innocent people by the millions to foist their cult rooted system of belief and government on all who refuse to knuckle under.

All follower's of Islam follow the same rules and laws, and are indoctrinated in the same belief system as those who actively carry out these acts of terror and genocide.

We were attacked in our own country most recently (this past week) in Fort Hood, Texas by an Islamic jihadist posing as a U. S. Soldier.

We were attacked most memorably on September 11, 2001 by numerous Islamic terrorists operating without impunity in our own country.

We have been at war with the warriors of this oppressive world terrorist force on numerous fronts since.

The funds from all Muslims world wide are funding the efforts of terrorists everywhere. They may be operating in what appear to be legitimate circles and occupations, but they are terrorists set on taking over, and they use the legitimate to mask the acts of their warriors.

I think Bill O'Reilly and others are overlooking some very obvious clues that will eventually kill us.

Things I've gleaned from people who have worked with the middle eastern Muslim populations;

They have no qualms about lying to your face and stabbing you in the back. It is not a violation of their religious tenets to lie to infidels (that's everyone who is not Muslim).

They prefer sneak attacks rather than face to face confrontation.

Historically, they have done the same to rival factions within their own brotherhood.

They plan to overpopulate the existing non-Muslim populations as another means of gaining control.

They are not "nice" people, and they certainly aren't people who lover's of freedom would want as their task masters.

We will never be able to cease our war efforts against them.

Regardless of how much we rebuild and reeducate, we will not win them over or turn them away from their stone-age beliefs. As long as they remain true to Islam, we are going to have a huge problem with them.

I think those who separate good and bad Muslims are naive. I think they are ignoring glaring obvious clues. I believe there is very good evidence to support my thought that the highest office in our land has been infiltrated. Go back to the comment about Muslims having no qualms about lying to infidels and I think you have a good explanation for the actions of our current president, Barack Hussein Obama.

You cannot formulate an effective military strategy for success in a war against Islamic terrorists when the enemy is helping you with the strategy.

We need to wake up and take control of the situation by rooting Islam out of the United States of America. All Muslims should be forced to leave this country and go to countries where the predominant religion is Islam.

We should either make our military goal one of inflicting as much damage as possible in the areas where terrorists are trained for as long as it takes, or get out all together. We should not rebuild anything. Muslims are never going to be our friends. I know that reality doesn't fit our westernized Judeo/Christian sensibilities, but this problem requires thinking outside the box. If we fail to take a strict course of action like this, then we will fall to their onslaught.

The greatest mistake is trying to be more agreeable than you can be.
Walter Bagehot