Monday, November 16, 2009

Doctor Debt

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an American citizen who votes for people who share my values and beliefs. Since Reagan, I have voted for Republicans in National elections. Not because they were Republicans or believed just as I did, but because the National Democrat Party is so far removed from everything I believe that I was forced to vote against them. We have not had a real strong conservative candidate since Reagan. The Republicans were given a mandate by the core of freedom loving Americans, but they squandered their power by caving in to the pressure of the liberal left who mocked their conservatism. Some were morally bereft, others pandered to special interests, and others couldn't take being called mean spirited because of their fiscal and moral conservatism. All the policies that would have led to a strong economy and responsible populace that were introduced by Ronald Reagan were chipped away at by succeeding presidents and legislatures until virtually nothing remains.

We impeached the worthless piece of trash from Arkansas, but he was never removed from office as he should have been.

During all that time, the Democrats lied, denied, and made counter allegations to alter the public's perception of things their leadership deemed as worthy of consideration in light of their situational view of morality. When the Republicans had the reins, the Democrats were obstructionists. When they had the reins, they blamed the Republicans for all manner of evil in spite of clear and plentiful evidence that they were the ones who caused everything to go to the dogs.

They still roll out the "Bush is to blame" banners to divert attention from their current efforts to sell us into slavery to the global system. They continue to wreck our economy. President Bush recently apologized for his actions that allowed the Democrats to spend trillions of dollars to bolster an economy they caused to crash. He said his actions in relation to the TARP funds went against his beliefs in capitalism. Our current president refuses to let anyone examine and verify his past and spends millions to keep it a secret. He is aided in these efforts by the National Democrat Party and the unvetted presidential appointees in the cabinet.

I recently read a commentary on the lack luster efforts of our current president and his "War Council" which tried to draw some parallel between the lack of response by this administration in Afghanistan and the response of president Bush to hurricane Katrina. Now that's a stretch.

A natural disaster of mega proportions hits the southern Gulf Coast of the U. S. and does immense damage. Mississippi is severely damaged. The U. S. government is in no way responsible to respond. However, we are a benevolent country and that's what we do. The logistics of just getting into the region are difficult. I know, I was trying to get there to check on my relatives. All along the Gulf Coast people are in dire straights. However, the only people who are screaming that they have been neglected are the people in New Orleans, Louisiana. These people were warned, but refused to leave until it was impossible to get out. Then they showed us all why they were unable to get out by continuing their irresponsible behavior after the storm. Their mayor, Ray Nagin, got on the air and proved to us all just how stupid he is. (The brilliant citizens of New Orleans re-elected this moron after the storm.) Their Democrat governor's response was equally inept. The standard racist hate mongers, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton showed their asses to the American people by blaming white people for the flooding that resulted from the hurricane's rains and storm surge. In reality, the people of Mississippi suffered far worse than those in New Orleans. They were mentioned only in passing by the State media. My point. The response was as fast as anyone could reasonably expect the Federal government to act. It had nothing to do with the president at the time and only the race mongers made it appear so. Of course the politicians on both sides were only too willing to open investigations and assign blame to some of the appointed chiefs in various government agencies who handle such matters while distancing themselves from any knowledge of the whole matter.

Now to Afghanistan. Our troops are at war with Muslim jihadists from a variety of sects and in need of backup. This president is probably the most inept person to ever be elected to the office of president in recent history. I think he even tops Jimmy Carter. However, his allegiance to the Muslims of this world is preventing our troops from getting the help they need. This is in no way comparable to the government's benevolent and extensive response to the victims of hurricane Katrina. President Bush helped us in many ways after September 11, 2001 and he made tough decisions with the information he had available. I recall that everyone in this country was behind him until it was safe for the Democrat cowards to crawl out of their rat holes and start making political hay again. We are not fooled by your desire to destroy this country and give it to the globalists. We will see you at the polls. Like the idiots in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana you are showing us your stupidity on a daily basis. Keep it up and you won't win one seat. If you are Republican and siding with this group, the same goes for you. We will get someone to represent us fairly and honorably even if we have to make up some new party to get them on the ballot.

The will to be stupid is a very powerful force, but there are always alternatives.
Lois McMaster Bujold