Friday, October 9, 2009

A Joke.

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside again, along comes the headline, "Barack Hussein Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize." This "Global" award has become a monumental joke. First Al Gore wins for some phony science global green speak book and now ten months into his presidency, the Big O wins. For what? Name one thing Barack Hussein Obama has done to bring about peace. If fact name one thing Barry Barack Hussein Soetero Obama has done that is worthy of any kind of award. This man will go down in history (even revised history) as the biggest joke to ever mess up the oath of office. What a sham. He's not even the first "African American president. We all know that barrier was broken by Bill Clinton. Folks, we haven't begun to see the destruction and chaos this un-vetted interloper is going to bring down on the heads of the American taxpayer. Say what you want about past administrations (and you would probably be right) but you won't even be close to the "wish we hadn't done that" cry that will come out of your over-taxed third world mouth when this guy is through. We were always worried about enemies from outside our borders scheming to take us down. But right here within our own unprotected borders, illegal immigrants, temporary stay terrorists, and subversive citizens were plotting our demise. We are getting a smattering of brave support from a handful of elected representatives, and a significant number of right thinking Americans are letting their voices be heard, but I wonder if anything short of divine intervention will pull us out of this mire. We were lulled to sleep by our successes and we allowed our treasury to be pillaged and our financial institutions and mega corporations to run with unabated greed. Getting our hands on the steering wheel again is not going to be easy. If the current proposed legislation is passed, and I mean anything with a price tag attached, we are done for financially and so are our children and their children. We are being sucked into the giant global whirlpool and half of our citizenry are swimming right for it without their life jackets properly fastened. Don't worry so much about keeping what you've worked so hard for because it will be worthless soon, instead fight as hard as you can to keep the free republic our forefathers founded.

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.
John Kenneth Galbraith