Wednesday, October 7, 2009


All of us dream, but not all of us remember our dreams. They creep into our subconscious thoughts during our slumber and relieve us of the pressures of the day. Their acts play out in surreal scenes so vivid on occasion they wake us up. At other times we rise from our beds with a hazy recollection of snippets that make us blush or chuckle. We try and interpret recurring dreams, but it is only conjecture. I wrote this poem to paint a word picture of dreams.

Dream Catcher

Seeping into consciousness from

the land of Koala Queue,

a tangled mass of mystery

appears from the mist of Roo.

From a eucalyptus canopy,

where all the leaves are blue,

comes the answer to your

riddle in electro-coded goo.

The blue Koala’s whisper

travels on a turquoise wind,

and synaptic gaps convey his

thoughts to the place where

yours begin.

Dennis Price