Saturday, October 31, 2009


Gosh, it's been a few days since I posted anything. How time flies when you are coughing your tendons loose from your ribs. My post flu/pre-pneumonia like hold over was not going away. I took a ten hour drive north to Waco, Texas to look at some touring motorcycles individuals had for sale. My trek started last Monday and I returned to the Valley on Wednesday. By then I knew my feverish body was not recovering as it should. So, on Thursday I returned to my doctor. After shots, Nebulizer treatments, X-Rays, Tylenol, and blood work I drove home to lie on the couch and cough in private. I now own a Nebulizer and am taking treatments twice daily.
The idea to suffer in peace was interrupted by my little Goblins who roused me from coughing couch to show off their Halloween costumes and practice their "Trick or Treat" approach. Bebe appears to be immune to all the little germs that cross our threshold after thirty plus years of daily contact with the little virus factories. My day was brightened by their antics and little slobbery kisses I was sure were full of multiple strains of contagion. After all my reserves were depleted, I retreated to the bedroom to recover.

I got up during snack time. I can't miss that. We all sit around the table and have our afternoon snacks and practice our sharing lessons. When I picked up my meds at Walgreen's, I went down the candy isle and picked out several of my favorites. I especially like the caramel candies with the powdered sugar centers. I only get them at Halloween. The bowl on the hutch behind me was brimming with the goodies and my little Incredible Hulk said, "You have plenty of candy to share Pappy." I grinned and handed out the sugary treats. Soon everyone had a mouth full of chewy caramel which dripped down chins and onto place mats. Big gobs of caramel stuck to the roofs of small mouths and had to be dislodged with gooey fingers.

Tonight's the night. My little dinosaur and action hero will be making the rounds. I am staying home to greet the little tykes who invade our neighborhood to fill their candy bags. I sure it won't be long before we are told by the government we can't do this anymore. I won't predict an exact date for complete recovery, but I am building up some steam to take a shot at the politics of the day.