Friday, November 6, 2009

Almost there.

Thank you for waiting. I have been slowing inching my way out of a deep hole of late, and unable to form a meaningful thought between bouts of coughing. The last few days have been relatively peaceful and I can see the light clearly now. The doctor said everything was clear on my tests and ushered me out of his office before I caught something else. Meanwhile a lot has been happening and I am anxious to start pontificating.

Our headline this morning reads, "Disgruntled major kills 12 at Fort Hood." It is not until you read the name of the suspect that you wonder, "How did we miss this one?" Nidal Malik Hasan, M.D. can be seen buying something while dressed in traditional middle eastern dress in a nearby convenience store surveillance video on the morning of the shooting. We are fighting his relatives and probably members of his church. Why is he wearing the uniform of the United States Army? His relatives are Jordanian which may mean they are Palestinian but carrying a Jordanian passport. Many carry passports from Jordan and Egypt even though they were born elsewhere. We are going to see more of these deluded suicidal warriors of the Muslim jihad pulling off their little mini attacks as our country flounders under a lack of leadership. They are emboldened by the kinship they feel to the (most likely Muslim) president, Barack Hussein Obama. His unwillingness to support our military efforts in the middle east will empower the cowardly followers of Allah here in this country to act. While president Obama, and his equally unqualified vice president, Joe Biden go through the motions of trying to formulate a great strategy our country, our troops remain at risk. Neither man has one ounce of military experience (or much life experience for that matter) to draw on when making these very serious decisions. And, like most career politicians concerned with their own personal agendas, they are not listening to the career military experts. We had better do something of major significance very soon.

Back to my question, "How did we miss this one?" We missed him because in our insipid and politically correct society we ignore the real threats so as not to offend anyone. We allow gang bangers, and Muslims, and other misfits into our military services. They come out better trained to do the kinds of things they did before they enlisted. This has to stop. I would suggest that since we are at war with the Muslims (all of them either support the notion of killing all infidels, or they support those who do) that we banish them from the United States. I think Australia may have already done this. I think we should cancel all student visas, and other visas for people of middle eastern descent who embrace the Muslim religion. I think we should retroactively root out and deport all Muslims in this country. What about freedom of religion you say? If the major tenet of the religion is the destruction of our way of life, and the death of all who don't believe as they do, I think all considerations under the freedom of religion portion of our constitution are trumped. Get them out of here and keep them out of here. I am talking every last one of them. This is war. We can either take severe action now, or we will be overtaken by their shear numbers. They are procreating faster than any population on the face of the Earth.

I think we should call our president to task and make him reveal his background. If he is not qualified to hold the office, as I believe, he should be the first one on the boat out of here. Our leaders have to show some backbone and push back this hostile take over of our republic. I think the majority of our people are realizing political parties really don't matter when it comes to saving our way of life. I believe they will push back hard when they realize we have allowed ourselves to be pushed into a corner. I was encouraged by the actions of the voters in the most recent elections and the presence of the voters at the Capitol who voiced their opposition to the ridiculous legislation the current majority leaders, Pelosi and Reid are trying to shove down our throats. I hope for a wholesale sweep of all those who can't seem to decide whose side they are on. I believe we will see this in the next elections.

Aren't you glad I'm feeling better?

When a man says he approves of something in principle, it means he hasn't the slightest intention of putting it into practice.
Otto von Bismarck