Monday, August 17, 2009

First Texas Chapter 42 Ride.

Texas Chapter 42 of the Blue Knights law enforcement motorcycle club met yesterday at Chapita's Mexican Restaurant in Harlingen, Texas for a breakfast meeting and the beginning of our first Chapter ride. Twenty one Knights and Lady Knights were there for the meeting. After the fueling operation was completed, those who had the leisure of making the all day ride roared out of the parking lot in route to Port Aransas, Texas. Along the way we met with two members of the Kingsville, Texas Chapter for a brief visit during a refueling stop.
After five hours we were in Port Aransas waiting the the 100+ degree temperatures for the Ferry to arrive. The trip is normally around three hours, but with eight bikes, several old men, and scanty directions, it took a little longer. Bebe is wondering if the perfume she sprayed on in the morning is a long lasting variety. Our president Gilbert gives us the thumbs up.
We are on our way across Aransas Pass at last. Just on the other side is Castaways Seafood Restaurant. Road Captain Moore gives us the signal to wait until we get across the water before trying to disembark. At the Restaurant we are met by two officers from the San Antonio, Texas Blue Knights who had patiently waited for our arrival. We'll know to build in more time next trip. After a late and leisurely lunch we were re-hydrated, rested, and ready to ride. Well, maybe not ready to ride. It was still blazing hot. Everyone sucked it up and mounted up anyway. We were on Mustang Island which is north of South Padre Island. We rode the 26 beautiful beach miles to the SPID bridge which took us back into Corpus Christi, Texas. Some decided to stop for a while at the Harley Store there. Bebe and I broke off from the pack and headed for Harlingen. We stopped often to dismount and drink water.

At about 7:00 P. M. we were out of our protective gear and into our swim suits. We both enjoyed a few minutes submerged in the cooling waters of our little pool with the ever present gulf breezes bringing down our core temperatures. It was a great ride.