Sunday, August 16, 2009


Which would you rather have?
The president of Hope and Change has proven he is ture to his word. He pulled Bill Clinton out of moth balls and appointed most of his former cabinet to serve him. Bill is from Hope, Arkansas, so I guess that's the "Hope" connection. BHO also changes his mind and his story on a daily basis, so I guess that's the "Change" part. He also appointed his defeated opponent, Hillary C., as the illegal Secretary of State. But he, like the Clintons, appears to be amoral, so the law and the constitution don't matter - except when they serve your purpose. I understand from reliable sources that the little commie psycho in North Korea released the two American hostages so Bill would have to leave.

Remember our military today. They do more for diplomacy than anyone.

A president who has to drag lying, crying, Bill out of the closet is in real trouble.