Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to the basics.

I get a lot of material from very smart people with a lot of detailed information regarding health care, cap and trade, foreign policy, and a variety of other hot political topics. However, in their effort to establish verisimilitude, they lose me. I offer no proof for what I say here. It is out there and if you are concerned I might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes, you can look it up. Most of the crisis situations being foisted on the public by politicians are phony and designed to elicit an emotional reaction (fear).

When you start an argument with a false premise, you can only come to a false conclusion.
So I'm going to debunk some of those myths in order for you to make intelligent decisions.

Health Care - There is no crisis. There are problems, but problems are only opportunities that haven't been realized yet.

Health Care - Our Constitution does not provide for the federal government to be involved in providing health care. Problem over - any bill put forth to address health care is unconstitutional.

Global warming crisis - Over 700 well regarded international scientists say there is no global warming crisis. Weather patterns and cycles change over time and may cause some areas to experience colder, or warmer temperatures not normally associated with the area's geographic location.

Global warming crisis - Not a crisis, and even if it was, we as human beings can do nothing to bring about any significant change. The U. S. Constitution does not provide for action by the federal government to try and alter world weather patterns. The weather cycles have moved from cold to hot throughout the history of the world. Our dabbling in the environmental process will only satisfy our need to do something - it won't significantly impact the weather. So no need for Cap and Trade, or Cash for Clunkers.

Bail Outs - The purpose of a phony crisis is to get folks to blindly fall for help from the federal government. Not one auto manufacturer, bank, or mortgage lender should have received help in the form of a government taxpayer supported bailout. These businesses should have failed.
The U. S. Constitution does not give politicians the authority to spend on red cent of federal tax dollars on bailing out failed businesses.

There is no sense debating something that is unconstitutional. All these town hall meetings would be totally unnecessary if our legislators would just abide by the U. S. Constitution. If they want to ignore the constitution then we should vote them out of office immediately.

No one has ever had an idea in a dress suit.
Sir Frederick G. Banting