Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Al Franken cheated his way into one of Minnesota's Senatorial seats by calling for and receiving numerous vote recounts. His opponent, Norm Coleman conceded to spare the good people of Minnesota further embarrassment. First Jesse Ventura and now this. A good many dead people had to vote for this mullet. The Democrat machine in Minnesota, using the tactics usually reserved for Chicago politics and ACORN, made it work out so Franken won by sixty votes. I'm sorry for those of you who legitimately voted for the other candidate only to see your votes disallowed. To the rest of you, we can only wonder what your I.Q. is. I'm sure this guy will be a great asset to the people of the United States of America. Thanks for filling our U. S. house and Senate with morons. Just what we need at this time in the life of our country. And, for those Republicans like Texas Senator John Cornyn who was one of the first to welcome Franken to the Senate, please know we have your number.