Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's hear from the "Real" Doctors.

This is a photo of Dr. James Rohack, President of the AMA. Judging him solely on his stated position on The Obama Health Care Plan, which was stopped in the House today, one would suppose he was bought and paid for. Real medical doctors realize what this would do to the quality of health care in the U. S. Below is a letter sent by a real medical practitioner to Rohack.

Dr. Rohack,
What a sniveling organization the AMA has become. As I slowly move my insurance services elsewhere so I can exit this abortion of a professional society, that so readily capitulates to the socialists in this country, I am saddened to see yet one more AMA President become just another politician. Obama and his handlers want to destroy our country, and by subjugating health care they control another 17% of the U. S. economy. They do not have the interests of organized medicine, or health care for the public in general, in their hearts. They have a radical socialist, statist agenda to undermine this nation and it's principles, and have repeatedly spat upon the constitution and everything it stands for.

When you asked your question of Obama during the contrivance that ABC News put together, the program immediately cut to a commercial break, allowing the audience to lose focus. When the program returned, Obama addressed you as "James", completely disrespecting you in front of a nationwide audience. At that point you should have told him, "my name is DOCTOR Rohack, PRESIDENT Obama, thank you". But you didn't. He despises us, much less doesn't respect us, and you didn't hold him accountable for his disrespect and also for avoiding the question entirely with his response. That you participated in such a contrived environment also adds to your shame. Grow a spine, Doctor Rohack. Stand up for yourself and your profession! Quit being nice. The left is not being nice. They are attacking you and your family and your colleagues and your country and you are too befuddled to recognize it. When our freedom and liberty, much less your livelihood, are gone you will look around and wonder how it all happened.

Your editorial today, as is usual, completely misses the point. Health care is NOT a right. At all. It is a luxury. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-that's all we get. Everything else is gravy. If he nationalizes us, I walk away, and take 17 years of education and training after high school, and 13 years of practice as the only fellowship-trained surgical oncologist in the state of Mississippi, off the public's table. I would rather be bankrupt than be a slave to the state, and to this illegitimate president born in Kenya, sent by the mullahs to defeat the great satan. Read Revelations, Doctor Rohack, in the context of our current time, and it is eerily relevant.

You will likely read this and dismiss me as a right-wing extremist. As crazy, or unhinged, or, (charitably) misinformed. In contrast, I am well-read, rational and reasoned. I just have open eyes and am unafraid to stand up and state my views and defend myself. It's sad that, as an editorial in Pravda recently stated, so many Americans, like you, have become "sheeple". They are destroying us from within, with no resistance, and not a shot fired. Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must occasionally be fed by the shed blood of patriots. So be it, Doctor. So be it.

Phillip Ley, MD, FACS
Flowood, MS