Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sometimes I feel the load is bigger than my machinery was designed to carry. I am overcome by the depth of stupidity coming out of Washington, D.C. I really don't know where to start. I know there are gifted columnists who are addressing the problems everyday, but I just don't see much reaction. When are our leaders going to wake up and realize we are being sold down the river? For example, there have been approximately 49 million babies murdered by doctors since Roe v. Wade. In the same time period there have been 5 abortion doctors killed. Most of you should realize I don't condone killing in either group. However, while the government, and especially our current president is moving forward to free up the killing of babies, they are bringing the weight of the Justice Department down on those who kill these murdering doctors. I just don't understand the logic.

Hate relates to motive and motive is rarely included as an element of a crime. Motive may relate to the charge filed, but it is most relevant in the punishment phase in a trial. Some motives can be proved and some must be inferred. Juries sometimes justify a person's actions based on their motives. Hate just can't be proved. If, as a father, my young child is raped by a pedophile and I retaliate and injure or kill the violator can you prove I hate pedophiles? You might infer that all parents do, and therefore I should be charged with a hate crime against a protected class. Can you see the absurdity of this type of legislation? We already have laws on the books to cover my misdeeds. This is legislation being foisted by the sexual miscreants in this country. Some politicians are bending over backwards to accommodate these aberrants for votes. These are not nice people. They are vicious and very intent on recruitment. I have warned you that laws related to homosexuals were just the foot in the door for future legislation designed to legitimise all forms of sexual deviance. I never dreamed it would happen so quickly. Just look at the "hate speech" legislation. Every form of deviance is included. What is the purpose? To keep the right thinking and acting people in our nation from criticising and speaking out against this abomination.

Why do you think we are in the economic mess we are in today? I can tell you. It is interference by the Federal Government in the processes of a free nation. It is the total disregard of the U. S. Constitution. The free market left to operate on its own will be controlled by the consumer. If any business strays too far afield, then the consumers can control the outcome by starting a new business to compete with it. Only when the Federal Government steps in do we have artificial measures to create adjustments. These government measures are constitutionally illegal and they create a temporary bubble doomed to failure. The federal government is too large to administrate anything efficiently. The cost to the taxpayer is astounding and the negative effects on the economy are disastrous. A poor man never created a job. The federal government is beyond broke and is therefore incapable of creating anything of lasting value for anyone. They operate with the money we earn. Our president chides those who spend beyond their means, but his actions are just the opposite. He has already spent more than all previous presidents combined and shows no signs of slowing down. He is buying everything on credit. We will never be able to pay the interest and neither will our children. This man has never run anything but taxpayer supported give away programs and he has become rich on the backs of the taxpayers. Do you not see the absurdity in all this?

Where is the outrage? I could go on for days. Where is all the outcry we heard at the end of the Bush administration? Nothing has changed in the areas most carped about during the pre- election period, but now the lamentations have ceased. In the mean time we have every form of edict and forced legislation being rammed down our throats in fascist fashion by an administration who would bring our great nation down to the lowest denominator possible and not a word from those who should be protesting loudly. Where are our Statesmen?

Gun laws. Who obeys the gun laws? I'll tell you, the same people who obey all other laws, the law abiding citizens. Criminals don't obey the laws. So it doesn't matter how much legislation you enact, the only people who abide by it are law abiding citizens. So, all the gun and ammunition legislation in the world is not going to stop one criminal from doing what they do. When the big cities have "no questions asked" gun turn ins, and pay for them with taxpayer dollars, who turns the guns in? The criminals do. They turn in all their stolen and junk crap for money (Your money). Have you ever looked at the crap these cities buy? It is junk. So, the answer of the current administration is to put further financial hardship on the good citizens who obey the law. Tax the guns and ammunition out of existence and in the process damage untold numbers of industries and job producers. Have we lost our collective minds?

We won't require answers to the most simple questions like,"Is the president really constitutionally qualified to hold the office?" But we will allow him to run unfettered in giving away our hard earned tax dollars to fund all sorts of international money sucks with borrowed and worthless dollars. I say it is time to do something now and require accountability from those who represent us. We are in debt to communist China up to our eyeballs, and we are dependent on them for almost everything we manufacture. I say it's time to take it back. Get the government out of the way and let good old capitalism bring us out of the malaise. In regards to our president's "friends", and most likely fellow Muslims, I will remind you that in addition to millions killed worldwide to promote their religious cause, they have killed over 3,000 people recently in our own country. I am for banning them totally from the United States. Send them back to their country of choice at their own expense and restrict any visits or immigration from anyone professing to be Muslim.

I've done the calculation and your chances of winning the lottery are identical whether you play or not.
- Fran Lebowitz