Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Wolf Who Cried Lamb

I hardly know how to start this piece.  I thought this painting might illustrate my point.  It has been a whirlwind unmasking by the Democrats.  They have wasted no time in illustrating with their actions what many of us knew well before this election.  They are not to be trusted.  Their obstructionists policies and heavy handed governmental interference have led us to the sad day in our country's history.  While many Republicans partied and bought into the notion that Democrats wanted to work in harmony for the betterment of our nation, they silently wrecked our economy, weakened our moral position, and threw roadblocks in the path of many good candidates for government service.  All the while they preached bi-partisanship, making it sound as though they were the only ones who were willing to participate.  Many Republican representatives bowed at this altar.  They gave up their position of strength so that they would be liked, and wrote legislation to make the playing field level for the minority party.  Now, these same Democrats are re-writing and pushing through every kind of vile legislation by circumventing the Constitutional process and using Presidential Orders and other illegal tactics to push forward a socialist agenda.  They continue to lie about their role in the demise of this great country and rush headlong with their plans to reduce us to just another third world Oligarchy.  Webester's New World College Dictionary defines "fawn" as "to show friendliness by licking hands, wagging the tail, etc. said of a dog. 2. to act servilely, cringe and flatter ... as before a king."  I believe our current President is a Muslim through and through.  He fawns before the very people who have proclaimed as their mission the killing of all Infidels (those who don't believe as they do).  Our Secretary of State goes to third world nations and tells them how she would like to use them as examples for our country to follow.  She blames the U. S. for their various problems and she lies with statistics about the role the U. S. plays in their dilemma.  Our current representatives who oppose their coup are being stripped of their leadership roles and rendered more useless than they had already become.  We are being sold into slavery by a man whose ancestors sold their own people into slavery.  In 2006 Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House reportedly said, "We don't need God, we have the Democrats."  The U. S. Government has forgotten that its role is to serve the people of this great nation.  They are now grasping for control of every institution they possibly can to gain a strangle hold on the American taxpayer. It's time to take action.  When you can smell the rot of a limb it's usually too late to treat it, it must be amputated.  It's time to stop taking the government handout with its narcotic addictive power and recall those who are manipulating us with it.  Do whatever you can in your local and State elections to send a message.  Get people to run who are for less government and unseat these fetid fixtures of D.C. regardless of their tenure or position.  We need a house cleaning and we need it in a hurry.  We must return our nation to a position of strength.  We can already hear the sabers of these third world dictators rattling as they see our insipid impostor marching around the world bringing shame to a nation so many gave their lives to keep strong.  I say impeach this interloper.  


 Out of revolution,

the grip of monarch’s rule.

Driven by freedom.


Founded on values

from God’s holy book,

the glue that binds,

in trust,

its varied masses.




Through fire of war,



was forged in strength

a strong republic.




And though the vision dims

in her prosperity,

she rises to the challenge

when tyrants seek

to quell her voice.




Blessed by God,

we must hold those

values close

that bound

our loose knit colonies

in  their infancy.



Dennis Price