Monday, April 6, 2009

April in Texas

I was reminded recently on my motorcycle trip through the Texas Hill Country how beautiful the outdoors can be during the months of Spring.  Recent periods of very dry weather have lessened the colorful splendor a little, but memories of those Springs when every trip through the countryside was like driving in a painting reminded me of a poem I wrote to describe the feeling.  I hope you enjoy it as you start your week.

April Impressions

Zephyrs stir miniature

soldiers of lavender

and salmon pink

standing at attention

on a carpet of pastel green.


Purple tendrils

surround a phone pole.


Splashes of white and pink

peak out from

Winter’s stark remnants.


An ice blue sky

domes the hillsides

carpeted in yellow and blue.


Songbird fugues

pierce the air

backed up by the

steady gurgle of a

crystal stream.


Subtle hints of perfume

carried on the breeze

refresh and revive

my wakening spirit.

Dennis Price