Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy in Rockport

Bebe and I went to Rockport, Tx for the Easter weekend.  We visited the biggest live oak tree in the world for starters.  This huge tree is located in the Goose Island State Park and is one of many unusual, but beautiful live oaks in the area.  The prevailing east wind has bent the shore line trees toward the west.  The weather was fine when we arrived, but it slowly deteriorated throughout the weekend.
We visited all the museums in the area because of the rain and wind.  This is the Fulton Mansion built in 1871 by a rich cattleman in the area.  The town of Fulton just north of Rockport bears his name.  The State of Texas maintains the property and conducts daily tours.  It was chilly, and a misty rain was falling, so inside attractions seemed to be called for.  We also toured the Maritime museum there.
We had our picture taken on the walk in front of the Lighthouse Inn in Rockport.  They were at capacity and so we continued north to Fulton Beach and secured lodging at the Kon Tiki Resort there.
This photo was taken from my balcony at the condo.  We had a wonderful time and hope to go back when the weather is less iffy.