Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're Just Here to Help You.

Actually, the government was set up to help us defend ourselves against foreign invaders, manufacture our currency, control interstate commerce, and levy taxes when needed to supplement shortfalls in the treasury.  Now, we are all familiar with what it has actually become. Ignoring possibly the greatest Constitution ever written, politicians and others have helped themselves to the treasury, while creating self perpetuating empires.  These demigods hold court, write law, vote themselves raises, and generally ignore anyone who would challenge them.  Now, they have started to punish those who are opposed to their Oligarchy.  

Our fore fathers would dust off their muskets, if they could, and rise up out of the grave to quell the unfettered take over of our government by subversive politicians bent on forcing us into abject socialism.  The poor are always the excuse, but not one communist/socialist government has elevated the plight of the poor.  The poor will always be poor.  However the earning class under these regimes are brought down, and the only ones with wealth and power are the heads of government.  

Outside influences have played a major role in foisting an unvetted and unqualified Manchurian Candidate into the role of President of the United States.  The plan was set in motion years ago when a dupe with no principles and a good speaking voice was found.  He was pushed through the educational system and lower level politics while making little or no contribution in either venue.  Then shortly before the election, foreign investors poured huge donations (disguised of course) into the campaign coffers.  They also manipulated investments to cause a drop in the stock market to make it look like the Republicans had caused economic collapse.  This, along with a complicit national media on a campaign to destroy and discredit the sitting president, made fertile the political field for a socialist crop to take root . The role of the Democrat controlled legislative bodies and an insipid judiciary protected the global garden from those who should have been providing the weed killer.  Unprincipled Americans everywhere have made it difficult to argue in favor of anything else with their unbridled theft.  

We have ignored the principles of the one true God and have thumbed our noses at his precepts, choosing instead the worship of  creation.  Without God's principles, a free society cannot survive.  The Godly ideals of self control and personal responsibility are but fleeting notions when left solely to the devices of unrepentant human participants.  Not believing or failing to make a choice will not exempt anyone in the final judgement.  We are in danger of facing severe judgement for mocking of the things God.  More than anything else we could  humble ourselves before God and pray for his mercy.

Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.
Laurence J. Peter