Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Real History

Ever ask yourself what happened to America?  What caused the most noble experiment in freedom to fade and become unrecognizable?  Why are so many younger people falling for the lies?  We have forgotten our roots.  We have abandoned our Christian foundations.  We have allowed revisionist historians, humanists, atheists, and academicians to present our children with a watered down version of our history.  If you choose not to believe in God and his role in founding and keeping our great nation, then you certainly would want to bury and debunk the truth as recorded in the lives and writings of our founding fathers.  As a result, we have become an insipid soup of contradictions and nothingness.  I hold no personal animus toward those who don't believe in God.  I realized you have been duped by the great deceiver, just as humanity has been throughout the ages.  But, by default you are following Satan and that path leads to eternal separation from God.  As I pray for God's mercy on our great nation, I pray for those who can't bring themselves to believe.  I would that you all could believe as I do that Jesus Christ, through his death on Calvary and subsequent resurrection, is the only way for man to make things right with God.  I hope you click on the link below for a reminder of how we really started.