Friday, March 20, 2009

Comedy - Not!

I have blogged several times on the decline of several institutions in our great country over the last few years.  The mass media has been one target and it includes the entertainment media and the news media.  Most of my friends have touted the Fox News Network as one that has separated itself from the fawning liberal mainstream, but I have refused to buy in to this observation.  I have watched the conservative icons, and have deduced their message at times may be sound, but they use the obnoxious format of what passes for news today.  Guests talk over each other and are generally rude while the hosts comment like pompous asses and make condescending remarks to co-hosts and the television audience.  I can't watch this drivel.  The entertainment media has become a vehicle for sending, not so cleverly disguised, social messages and has sunk to new lows in its content.  Comedians, with few exceptions, are no longer funny.  SNL, Mad TV, stand ups, and movies prob the depths of sex, vomit, and bathroom scenes for material.  Now a combination genre has emerged, it is the shock host/news/comedy show usually shown on late night time slots or pay to view channels.  Their hosts, most being liberal in their world view, are generally well educated elitists who have not given one thing to our country except their superior opinions.  It is from this cesspool circus that the following idiocy comes;

A friend of mine who is from the U. S., but who now resides in Canada sent me this clip.  He is a Viet Nam Vet, and he was appalled, as was I after viewing it, that Fox News would condone such embarrassing and low class material in the name of comedy.

Watch it and give me your take.  I will include the e-mail address needed to voice your opinions to Fox News.

Our good friends and allies in Canada have supported our war efforts in Afghanistan for years and have lost soldiers there in the effort.  I don't think this piece by Fox News in anyway expresses the views of the majority of right thinking Americans in the lower 48.