Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's Behing All of This?

I know many of you have visited Mt. Rushmore, but how many of you have viewed the mountain from behind? Sometimes it pays to look. I think we have been sold a monumental bill of goods. I don't think the banking industry or Wall Street was ever in as much trouble as we were led to believe, but if they were, I think we should have let them fail so we could start new ones with better management. I still think this would be prudent. I don't think the "Stimulus" package will ever stimulate anything but bigger government. I think our government will become even larger and less responsive to our true needs as long as we have what amounts to a one party political system. I still don't think Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally qualified to be president of these United States of America. While I know the majority of our politicians have shown just how greedy and self centered they can be, others continue to seek financial gain during these slim financial times. Crude oil prices are still down, but labor unions for the oil producers and the steel producers are driving the price per gallon up by threatening to strike. Labor unions, along with unnecessary governmental regulations, have ruined our industrial efforts. I think they have outlived their usefulness and have become burdensome. I don't like people who take advantage of others especially when times are bad. Labor unions have negatively affected education, public service (police and firemen), postal service, and most other entities where they've managed to make inroads. All of our problems are linked to the greed and self-centeredness of our fellowmen. Nothing of this earth is capable of changing this. (Notice I didn't say on this earth, but of this earth.) If our chosen form of government here in these United States is to continue, we must return to the values that were present when this great experiment was started. As individuals we only lose our self-centeredness by looking to God our creator. I know this might be too limiting a statement for some of you, but the only way to re-establish your relationship with God is by accepting what his Son, Jesus Christ, did on the cross at Calvary. I believe this, and I have seen it change lives. I have never seen a life changed by agnosticism, atheism, or any other belief system. What we are witnessing in our nation is a direct result of individuals who have turned their backs on God and chosen to direct their own lives. We need change alright, but the kind of change we need will not come through Washington, D.C. It will not be a huge group change, but a change in heart of each individual. I know this post is politically and socially incorrect and to those who take pride in your intellectual achievements it is trite, but I stand by my analysis. We all need personal revival spiritually. Failure to humble ourselves before God and to pray for his mercy will result in our continued slide into anarchy. Take your eyes off of men and put your faith in God. Pappy