Monday, January 19, 2009

He is Here.

I am your loyal subject.

I am in lock step with all of your nebulous proposals.

I feel vindicated in all areas of social and political correctness.

I have accepted my role as a mindless Republicrat.

I will never listen to talk radio again.

I am destroying all of my guns and ammunition.

I will accept the New World Order.

The United Nations reign supreme.

I am changing all my light bulbs to the dangerous Chinese made "Green" lights.

I will enjoy giving all my paltry remaining retirement income to the heads of major corporations so their life styles can be maintained.

I will live with our dependence on foreign oil while knowing we have 50 times as much right here locked forever in Federally stolen land and prohibited off shore resources.

I will turn a blind eye to the precious little babies who will be killed so their mothers don't have to use birth control.

I will learn to enjoy the jungle dances of millionaire pro athletes and I will learn all the gang signs so I can communicate with those who can't read or write.

I will listen quietly to the voice of Hillary Clinton, our new Secretary of State.

I acknowledge all of your astute political appointees for their brilliance and obvious impeccable qualifications.

I don't care where you were born. I don't even know where Borg is.

I will learn to enjoy riding in a shoebox sized car with no amenities that will go 40 miles before a re-charge.

I will learn long distance swimming so I can travel once the oceans retake the land due to global warming.