Friday, January 2, 2009

Hard Thinkin"

It's time for some hard thinkin'. Why do some citizens think it's O.K. to violate laws they don't want to obey? If the penalty for violation of these laws is only a ticket, many people think it is worth the risk to fudge. How do you pick and choose? Most folks wouldn't rob a bank or hijack a car, but they think nothing of speeding and exploding fireworks inside the city limits. Who is it hurting? Very few of these criminals (yes, criminals) consider the effect of their minor missteps on those who are trying to abide by the statues passed to insure public safety. If you speed, you make it difficult for others to drive the speed limit. If enough people speed, law abiders are forced to increase speed to prevent causing accidents. If you explode fireworks in crowded subdivisions you run the risk of causing fires, creating messes, alarming house pets, and injuring yourself. But the greatest danger is a slide down the slippery slope of incrementalism. There are not enough law enforcers to monitor the masses all the time. In order for the law to work in a civilized society, the citizens must hold themselves accountable and voluntarily obey the rules. If the trend continues, those who think they are above the law will take greater and greater liberties. As the new year starts, why not hold yourself accountable?