Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Give us a break!

I was on the telephone early this morning with the office of my Senator. I really do think he does a pretty good job, but I am beginning to wonder if anybody inside the beltway is in touch with reality. I did hear one Texas Representative say something encouraging about the economy this morning on talk radio. He proposes a two month tax vacation for all taxpayers instead of a stimulus package. He was against the bailouts just as I am.

I think we all should call our elected representatives and tell them to start working for us or start packing. Both parties are obviously delusional. The artificial financial bubbles they create with the bailout system rewards failure and gives these poorly managed businesses a leg up on those who have done their jobs well. I noticed a small blurb about some who are filing law suits to stop the use of tax dollars for this rediculous commercial welfare system.

I think this little paragraph explains the real problem.

"In the final analysis, we, the people, are responsible for the corruption of our leaders by failing to demand a higher standard of conduct from our politicians. Increasingly, Americans have grown accustomed to a culture characterized by moral relativism and individualism. We have mocked Judeo-Christian values -- humility, virtue, honor -- and in the process, eroded restraints on social conduct. The results have become painfully obvious in the business arena and are becoming increasingly obvious in the political arena. When we do not demand honor, virtue, and accountability from ourselves, can we really expect more from our leaders? Have we merely gotten the leaders we deserve? The path to reform in the political arena runs straight through the people. We, the people, must first find a renewed appreciation for virtue, honesty, and humility in ourselves and our fellow man. If private virtue is reestablished in society, it will eventually become public and inevitably find its way back to the halls of government. Quite simply, it is up to us." --author Ken Connor

Take a look at this video and see what's wrong with the auto industry in this country.

http://info.detnews.com/video/index.cfm?id=1189 Pay attention to the last few words.