Friday, October 10, 2008

Roar by the Shore

The weather was great, so on Thursday I rode my cycle to South Padre Island, while Bebe was working, to see who had shown up for the Roar by the Shore. Lots of folks had already arrived and were enjoying their day riding along the coast. I pulled in at the convention center and parked my little rice burner (Japanese motorcycle for those who don't know) right there with the Harleys. I think she held her own pretty well. My Cobra pipes were saying "Potato, potato, potato" as I slowed cruised the parking lot looking for a place to light. Tomorrow will be the big day and Bebe and I will ride out and have a look. The weather is supposed to hold tomorrow too.
The drive in front of the SPI Convention Center.

A biker babe who looked older than me was backing her Hog into the space next to mine. She and her significant other looked like the real deal, not RUBS (Rich Urban Bikers).

A cloudless sky and mild autumnal temperatures made for a pleasant cruise down the boulevard. I went to a little cafe on the beach for a tall glass of iced tea before I headed home.

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