Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roar by the Shore II

Pappy and Bebe braved the crowds and parked our shined up Road Star in amongst a lot of pork. It was the big day for the Roar by the Shore motorcycle rally on South Padre Island, TX. Thousands of bikers attended. RUBS and 1%ers mingled and looked at all the Iron Horses parked side by side in the parking lot of the South Padre Island Convention Center.
Every kind of bike you could possibly imagine filled the parking lots. They covered Padre Island Boulevard, and filled all the restaurant and bar parking areas. There was a constant roar of tuned mufflers droning in the humid air.

Inside the lobby of the SPI CC, old school bikes were displayed with the more modern customs.

Outside bikes lined the circle drive as riders came and went.

Ruben, a member of the Law Dogs Motorcycle Club, had to take the prize for the most unusual helmet. Costal clouds moved in, so Pappy and Bebe headed for home. Before we arrived, we were blessed by several little rain showers. Tomorrow will be cleaning day as I spray away the mud and road grime I collected today.


Radial hooves
Pound the trail.
Throaty, thundering
V-twin wails.
Jet black coat,
Glistening chrome,
Studded leather,
Charging on.
Poly forehead,
Cyclops eye.
It’s an Iron Horse.
Watch him fly.

Dennis Price