Saturday, October 25, 2008

He's Baaaaack!

Wow! It seems like I've been gone for a week. Oh, I have been gone for a week. I made a trip to Mississippi to attend the funeral of my Aunt Alexine. She was 86 years old and had suffered for the past several years from Alzheimer's disease. We celebrated her life with stories of her humor, character, and dedication to family and vocation. She was a nurse of the highest order in addition to being a dedicated wife and mother. She will be missed. Thanks to all of you for continuing to fill my inbox with e-mails and my comment section with new comments. I have been at this all morning, reading and sorting and preparing to respond.

I hope by now you have decided who not to vote for. I believe we have no choice. If you have been following all the political goings on, and I don't see how you couldn't have, I'm sure you are of the opinion that John McCain is the only sane alternative we have. If you voted early for Barack and have now been enlightened, please go and find some friends who have not voted and convince them to go and cancel your vote. This man is a major fraud. Anyone who fails to respond to the simplest requests for verification of basic information, as he has, does not need to be our President. The stink factors in his campaign are so strong you can smell them over a pot of chitterlings cooking. I won't be able to help you after the election is over. You have to do this for yourself right now. A large segment of the non-thinking population will be voting as told (This includes those dead and non-existant voters registered by ACORN). But there is also a significant number of voters who are simply deluded by polling data and biased media sources. Don't come back and tell me you didn't know. I'm going to post some things that should give you pause over the next few days. Have you ever gone to the market and chosen a really pretty cut of meat, brought it home and opened the package only to discover it was rancid? Well, the Obama package looks good on the shelf, but it is going to smell when we are allowed to unwrap it. I hope this is done prior to the election.

It's scary when you start making the same noises
as your coffee maker.