Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Balderdash

(Sung in a sultry whisper) "Happy birthday to youooooo, happy birthday to youoooooo, happy birthday dear Pappy, happy birthday to youooooo." That's right, long ago in a land far away Pappy was born. Now it's 16 tons and what do I get? Another day older and deeper in debt (thank you Washington). I realized it was my birthday when Borders/Waldenbooks sent me my 25% off birthday coupon. I was born in an era when I shouldn't have survived according to all the social protection agencies. Never mind that my mother is still living. People knew back then what it really took to be happy and healthy.
Now I still prefer the tortillas made with lard to those healthy imitations. They don't fall apart when you wrap them around a plate full of meat and veggies. Nothing like a good saddle blanket sized lard tortilla con todo (with everything) to start your day off right. We don't have any around our house so I'll probably settle for a bowl of granola with vanilla flavored soy milk. They told me at the gym I didn't qualify for the senior rate. I told them AARP said I was a Senior. The owner said I had to be 78 to qualify for his Senior rate. He didn't appear to have too many 78 year olds in the gym. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day today. That's my birthday wish to you.
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