Monday, September 8, 2008

Pro? Football

What's wrong with Pro-Football? Well, there are the obvious irritations from the sidelines, but those can be muted. How about the criminal rehabilitation teams in the league? Those are teams who take millionaire criminals who have been suspended and rehabilitate them. Most still act like criminals. Then there are the players with ghetto mentalities who think the game is all about them. These gifted and highly skilled athletes are not satisfied to work as part of the team and contribute, they have to pose and gyrate on every play as though they were the only players on the field. Even when they draw repeated penalties for excessive celebration, or un-sportsman like conduct, they seem to be unable to control their behavior. New rule books must be written to attempt to control their 'no rules' approach to the game. Coaches are forced to sidestep these behaviors so that these petulant giants won't quit playing. They have already ruined professional basketball, and now they are ruining professional football. The costs to see these overpaid boobs have risen to the point that a family of four must pay on the average four hundred dollars just for tickets to the game. I for one am refusing to watch. The sport has gotten so bad that referees get more air time than the game. Commercials come so often and last for such a long time that the flow of the game is lost. I feel for those athletes who abide by the rules and play for the team. They are rarely recognized. The idiots on the team seem to get most of the air time. If the games weren't bad enough, the networks feel the necessity to have loud, rude former players comment on every aspect of the game. They apparently failed in elocution lessons and feel the need to talk over each other throughout the broadcast.

Do you realize that in about 40 years, we'll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos?