Friday, September 12, 2008

Peace and Prosperity

September 11, 2008 passed without any great fanfare. The United States has been free from terrorists attacks for seven years. President Bush has been at the helm for those seven years. After the first couple of years, the critics started to pop up. Peace returned and folks were forgetting what we went through on that day. First, those who make money on films critical of the United States and its positions on holding the line against our enemies started to make noise. This was followed by network comedians and talk show hosts who found fault with every word and miscue of our president. Then the weaklings in the Republican party started jumping ship and conceding defeat and the Democrats gained a majority in both of our legislative bodies. The national media joined the mantra and provided us with biased information and polls to support their own political and amoral agendas. After a couple of years of Democrat legislation, the economy started to falter. Now the media was in full feeding frenzy and the gullible segments of our populace forgot how we got to the point where we were no longer worried about attacks from Islamic terrorists here at home. Even showing them taped interviews of the Democrats making statements in support of the President's position on Iraq couldn't change their slobber ladened protests. We were once again prosperous and at peace. We could now complain about all the civil liberties we lost in an effort to feel safe. Let me remind you it was eight years of a Billary Clinton presidency that weakened our country to the point the terrorists felt safe in coming here to plan and execute their attacks. It can happen again if we turn a blind eye in our comfort and complacency. I can't think of anyone who was mentioned in my list of "nay" sayers who has done one thing for this country. Not one of them has made a critical decision or made a difference on anything of importance. I have let my feelings be known to the leadership of both parties. I have expressed my angst with the party I chose to support. Both have let us down. I carried a gun every day for twenty five years while working in law enforcement and I know when things were peaceful, the ACLU and every other nit-picking entity were nipping at our heels over every perceived injustice. But when the situation went postal, everyone wanted the "Jack Booted Gestapo" to come a running with guns blazing and save the day. We always knew the support was short lived and within a month the "say a lot do nothing crowd" would be back. I think our President, George W. Bush, has done an excellent job with very little support. I know the war has cost us dearly in lives and resources, but I for one support the effort and believe we should see it through to the end. I understand that no man is perfect, and I know that I can't agree with everything any one political party chooses to do, but I also know how to weigh the differences in the platforms and candidates and I can't support in any shape form or fashion the Democrats or their candidates. Thank you President Bush for your service and leadership during these trying times.

He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's miserable and depressed. -
David Frost