Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream Forgotten

Greetings from the blue collar metropolis of Houston, Texas. I am posting from way up north this morning. The photograph of the water lilies is from the sample photos that come with most PCs. It is appropriate for Houston since the humidity here in the summer is high enough on most days to grow this variety. However, this morning, the temperature is very moderate, and the humidity is surprisingly low. I just sat outside and enjoyed two cups of coffee. I was awakened this morning by the whir of the coffee grinder on the Cuisinart coffee maker. I thought it was the mosquito truck coming by for the nightly spraying, or perhaps my sister-in-law vacuuming in the dark hours before dawn. My mind defogged enough to grasp the significance of the sound and I patiently waited for ten minutes for the smell of coffee to ascend the stairs. I dreamed of blogging last night. I did not post yesterday, and I think it was some symptom of blog withdrawal. I imagined I had done a simple but effective Sunday post and I was going to try and use the image and theme in a clever extension I came up with. I believe most of my dreaming hours last night were spent writing and re-writing the piece. I was disappointed this morning when I couldn't find the image, or remember the theme. All that work and nothing to show for it. Well, this is the best I could conjure up on short notice. Have a wonderful Sunday. I'll plan to be back in the Valley by tomorrow night. Pappy