Sunday, July 27, 2008

O.K. Let's Settle Down

This is a British cow from the region where Wom and Jane Tigley reside. Tom is always providing us with great photos. This girl seems to be smiling at what we've been all worked up about this week. "Oh, I say. So much troubling talk about hurricanes and politics take a break, it's Sunday." All right Gertrude, we'll give it a rest. I hope you were able to exercise your right to free speech if you cared to do so. I also hope that our dialogue was beneficial in helping you cement your position on the things we talk about. I enjoyed all the comments. I know some were timid about saying anything, and I respect your decision in those matters that stir us to action. I think it is important to participate. As a nation we have rarely agreed on anything. That's why we have two political parties. Will Rogers said it very clearly, "The more you read and observe about the politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that's out always looks the best." I hope you enjoy the times when we agree to disagree. It's Sunday and I probably won't think about politics today. I am going to pray for those who were not so fortunate during the hurricane and see if there are opportunities for service in this area. I will also pray for our leaders, and our country in these troublesome times. Thanks for all who participate in this strange world of cybercommunication where we meet and discuss our lives with total strangers. Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.