Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who you talkin' to?

We all have our two sides. Sometimes we see both sides of others, but mostly we don't. We enjoy each other in our meetings here, but do we really know our new friends? I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote to address my two entities.


A rivulet of water ran down my mirror,
splitting my image in two.
I thought I could see them both in that scene,
Mr. Me, and Mr. Who.

Mr. Me, is on the outside,
he’s always looking in.
Mr. Who is on the inside
looking out at his old friend.

Mr. Me is aging,
he thinks of getting old.
Mr. Who is just a boy,
his age is still on hold.

Mr. Me is what you see
when you look my way.
Mr. Who is what I think,
sometimes what I say.

Mr. Me, and Mr. Who
have been there from the start.
One looking in, the other out,
they’ll never live apart.

If you see me on the street
and, if I should see you,
you’ll shake hands with Mr. Me,
but be seen by Mr. Who.