Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back in the Valley

My little red Jeep and I survived another trip to the megalopolis, Houston, Texas. I'm blogging for the first time in a few days, so it may take a few sentences to get into this thing. We still haven't had significant rain here, and things are getting just a little dry. I drove through rain, both going and coming, but when I got home all the moisture was simply hanging in the air. Loco Bro. was having his check-up at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center so I went up to provide him with the necessary comic relief. He seems to be doing very well. We'll know more next week after all the test results are in. I'll update you on his progress. The trip is about six hours, one way, and I was able to listen to two of Greg Iles' books on CD during the trip. I completed, The "Quiet Game", and "Turning Angel". I enjoy Iles, a native of Natchez, Mississippi, and I've read most of his books. The comments sections are back on for all posts. Some of you reached back to older posts and managed to fill my inbox with comments while I was gone. Thanks, I read them all. I also kept up with your posts on my Google Reader. I will be posting live through Sunday, then you'll have about eight days of posts from the Automatic Post Feeder. I'll be in Akumal.

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. - Albert Schweitzer