Sunday, April 6, 2008


Another week of business is past. It seem to fly with greater speed than other weeks have flown. I did most things I always do with very little change, and yet at week's end there was a subtle difference. I had aged. Not so much that anyone would notice, but one more week of experience was added to my allotted days. And in that week of sharing and interaction, my perceptions on life were honed, or dulled if measuring by physical standards. On this Sunday, the beginning of a new week I just want to be quiet and reflect on how this subtle change will affect the way I see my world. Last week, I proffered arguments and offered advice to those who asked, or not. Will I stand by my own advice, or must I alter it ever so slightly? Some standards are not mine to alter, but set by God. Will I see these in a different light? Are they my unmovable center, or will I waffle with every wind that blows? I know life is colored by our own perception of how it should be. Our joys and disappointments are also measured by this rule so I must be careful. I must examine life's reality as it plays out week in, week out. I wrote this poem to speak to life and the things that affect the way we see it.

Little Pleasures

We plan.
We work.
We save.
We dream.
But, life is seldom as it seems.

A germ,
a gene,
a wayward act
can throw perceptions off their track.

A hug,
a kiss,
a tender word
can let us know we’re not alone.

Life is life.
So, on we go
not so sure of what’s in store.
But, fearing less that great unknown.
Enjoying "little" more.