Saturday, April 5, 2008

Eclectic Ramblings

I'm kinda working with a blog hangover here. As a fairly new blogger, I don't always know what I'm getting into. I have a nice group of friends who stop by and comment on a regular basis, and I then respond. Yesterday I ran into this warp speed mania entitled "Sky Watch Friday." Apparently some self proclaimed village idiot named Wom Tigley has come up with the idea to play blog tag while looking at the sky all over the world. I didn't know the rules so I bit (without any sky photos posted). I went to his site and commented and signed in electronically as instructed. Well, before I could get back I had all these commenters from all over the world pinging me and asking where my sky pictures were. I grabbed my electronic equivilant of a brownie box camera, ran outside, pointed it skyward and snapped a couple of sky pictures. I then posted them to shield myself against mob action by the other participants. It turned into a whirlwind afternoon of responding to all the commenters, as is my custom, and visiting their sites. So many talented people out there. I enjoyed my journies, but I'm a little tired today. Some of you leave some big shoes to fill in the blogging world. It really was a fun new experience. I will be better prepared for my next attempt. I have set some new ground rules to prevent overload.

How about this young deer? I've heard of piebald horses, but I've never seen a piebald deer. These photos were sent to me last week and were reportedly taken in upper Wisconsin. Just thought you might like to see them too.

Well it's Saturday already and I'm going to see what's available to look at in our area and get out in the beautiful fresh air and sunshine today. If you want to add some international flair to
your blogging then give Sky Watch Friday a go as they say across the pond. On friday post some pictures from your area of the world with some sky showing. Add commentary appropriate for the pics and then go to Old Wom's site and sign the register. The idea is to visit as many of the responder's sites as you feel you have time for and view their contributions. Have a great Saturday. Wom Tigley aka Tom Wigley blogs under the title "Welcome to Wiggers World."

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