Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am a very visual person. Pictures, live scenes, and pictorial memories stimulate my imagination. On this Sunday morning, the picture of this quiet path brought to mind peacefulness. Peace - those moments when we are sufficiently tranquil to allow ourselves to think of God. We are so busy in this information age gathering information, analyzing, and worrying about the future, we are rarely peaceful. I'm glad I was brought up in a home where Jesus Christ was presented as the way to find a relationship with God. My parents set the example and lived their lives in a fashion which later caused me to make a personal choice to follow the same path. They were not perfect. They showed me that God can use imperfect people to do wonderful things for others. I just an old sinner saved by grace and I live with my old nature. That nature comes to the surface on occasion and I'm sure if you happened to be nearby when it does, you could wonder about my sencerity. That's the great thing about my chosen belief system - God loves me in spite of my warts and moles. I intend to go to a chruch building this morning to meet with others who are seeking solace, finding renewal, wanting companionship, habitually attending, searching for wisdom, and proclaiming the worthship of our creator. We often measure ourselves by others, and sometimes they disappoint us. I like the idea of one day out of the week being set aside for rest and focus on a creator God who is much bigger than anything else we encounter, and who is able to understand this sordid mess we call life. I believe God is in charge, and although we can't understand all that we see, He does.

If we discover a desire within us that nothing in this world can satisfy, also we should begin to wonder if perhaps we were created for another world. C. S. Lewis (1898 -1963) Mere Christianity