Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog Central

Thank you all for contributing in such a big way yesterday. I am not alone in my mania. I thought I would take you on a stroll through the creative world of Blog Central. In this picture, I have gone to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. If you find any misspelled words in my posts it is not because I don't have a dictionary handy, it's because I sometimes to lazy to pick it up. I also use spell check when it is functional, but I sometimes like my original spelling better. I'm a firm believer in not restricting the creative child inside.
But I do believe in using some limited restriction on one of the children I babysit on occasion. His mother told me duct tape was not to be used anymore.
Since gasoline has gone out of sight, I converted my John Deere into a multifunction vehicle. I call it a John Darley. I can mow the lawn and then run down to the store without having to change vehicles.

As we say out here in the Southwest, "I guess I'd better be making tracks." Have a great weekend.

Ahhh. A man with a sharp wit. Someone ought to take it away from him before he cuts himself. -
Peter da Silva