Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's The Difference

Today, Tuesday November 10, 2009 our President, Barack Hussein Obama, is scheduled to make an appearance at Fort Hood, Texas. In the photo above he performs one of his classic salutes. Maybe he had been having a few beers with some buddies while he worked on the military strategy in Afghanistan. Anyway he will make time to go to Fort Hood. I like George W. Bush as a human being. I thought that despite his lack of verbal eloquence, he had a good heart, and showed genuine concern to those who were suffering. I never had the feeling he was there strictly for the photo op. I did not like the way he eventually caved to the temptation to increase the size of government and go along with the Democrats into the abyss, but he presided over probably the most troubling event in our history as a free nation and I think he made the right choices. I believe this short observation by someone working at Fort Hood says it all.

"A friend of mine made an observation today in light of the announcement that
President Obama would be here (along with about 100 Congressional
Representatives and Senators) on Tuesday for a memorial service
commemorating those brutally murdered in a terrorist attack here last week.

My friend commented that "the President was here Friday (George and Laura
Bush were here meeting with victims and their family members Friday and into
Saturday morning -- until about 0200 hours), Obama will be here Tuesday." I
think this says a lot. We expect that there will be a big show of things
tomorrow and I would expect maximum disruption with getting onto post most
of the day. Interestingly, George and Laura came here many, many times
during his tenure, to talk to family members of those lost in the war. Most
of the time, no one was aware of his presence -- as he said -- it was a
private matter between him and the families, not a photo op or public
spectacle. Says a lot about the character of the man, don't you think? "

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle