Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Poetry

Ah, the famous poets through the ages. You already have my picture on the sidebar. Here are two of my poems on poetry.



Dark, light.

Rhymed, not.

Metered, free.

Long, brief.


I Salute You William Shakespeare

If I could just remember who wrote what,

and what they said,

I would quote them in my poetry,

the living and the dead.

I would be obtuse and dark,

droning on in endless prose.

not caring where my poem’s been

not knowing where it goes.

They’d think I’m educated,

worldly, pithy, hard.

For sure an academic.

cutting edge, avant garde.”

I would throw the cesspool at them

from bathroom to bordello.

A gasp, a blush, a whisper,

“He is such a brilliant fellow.”

They would clap when I was finished,

softly sigh, and nod assent.

And wonder if the others

had a clue of what I meant.

Dennis Price