Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sum of our parts

We are the sum of our various parts. Our physical component is the most obvious to strangers, while our mental and spiritual components remain hidden to outsiders. We can manipulate what others see at times, but stress can remove the facade. We are on occasion blind to aspects of our own behavior and must be alerted to aberrations by those who know us best, or professionals probing the hidden areas. We are unique and complicated. We are most comfortable with those who share a number of common factors with us. But, our liaisons outside our comfort zone can be enlightening and interesting even though accompanied by some tension and distrust. We often find more common ground than expected and good friendships can be the result.


A rivulet of water ran down my mirror,

splitting my image in two.

I thought I could see them both in that scene,

Mr. Me, and Mr. Who.

Mr. Me, is on the outside,

he’s always looking in.

Mr. Who is on the inside

looking out at his old friend.

Mr. Me is aging,

he thinks of getting old.

Mr. Who is just a boy,

his age is still on hold.

Mr. Me is what you see

when you look my way.

Mr. Who is what I think,

sometimes what I say.

Mr. Me, and Mr. Who

have been there from the start.

One looking in, the other out,

they’ll never live apart.

If you see me on the street

and, if I should see you,

you’ll shake hands with Mr. Me,

but be seen by Mr. Who.

Dennis Price

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.
Anais Nin